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Media Temple Review

Media Temple is a web host who focuses on offering high quality and friendly web hosting service to top bloggers, creative professionals, and all-sizes of businesses. In below Media Temple review, we will analyze its Price Value, Reliability, Ease-of-Use and Customer Support.

Hosting services from Media Temple include Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Cloud Hosting. It now has over 200 dedicated, US-based employees, and offer hosting service to customers in 100 countries.

Media Temple Review on Price Value: ★★★★☆

Media Temple is not a Cheap hosting service provider. Its shared web hosting starts with $20/month, and includes 100GB premium storage, 1TB network transfer, and host 100 domains. But it does includes some other advanced features which make its service worth the price. For example:

  • Dynamic Burstability. This is a feature you cannot see from the other shared hosting, with which you site are always ready to handle intense bursts of web traffic.
  • Fast RAID-10 Storage.
  • Clusters of Servers?Working Together to gain better speed and reliability.
  • Smart mobile phone AccountCenters?would like you to manage your servers using iPhone or Android phone.

In the hundreds of web hosts we have reviewed, really very rare web host who offer above advanced features like Mediatemple.

Mediatemple guarantees 30 Days money back.

Media Temple Review on Reliability: ★★★★★

Media Temple have 2 data centers, one in Virginia and the other one is in California. Each of its data centers are equipped with N+1 redundancy backup power, N+2 redundant cooling system, and fast fiber connections to all the major tire-1 networks. People could access the server of Media Temple with very low latency.

And as Media Temple offers hosting service on cluster servers, which is also more reliable than traditional shared hosting. According to our monitoring system, the uptime of Media Temple is at around 99.96%, which is quite outstanding in the industry.

Media Temple Review on Ease-of-use: ★★★★★

Media Temple offer Plesk as free in its shared hosting and VPS hosting. This is an icon-based control panel people could easily use to manage their Emailbox, files, databases, user account, domains, and more. It also offers 1-click installation tools to help its customers setup WordPress, Joomla and some other eCommerce site quickly.

Media Temple Review on Customer Support: ★★★★½

Media Temple is a web host who takes customer support really seriously. Its customers could ask for support by phone call, sending email, using its online knowledge base. It has people on call 24/7/365, it guarantees all the emails and support tickets within 24 hour.

Besides these, Media Temple only hire most talented individuals, from who your issues could be resolved with minimal contacts. And its customers support engineers are 100% US-based.

Do We Recommend Media Temple?

Yes, Media Temple is recommended. Considering its fast, reliable and highly scalable hosting solutions, Media Temple is great for all-sizes of businesses, and enterprises.

To learn more about there products and services click here Media Temple.

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