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IXWebHosting Review

IXWebHosting review in below will analyze the price value, reliability, ease-of-use, and customer support of IXWebHosting.

IXWebHosting ( is an award-winning budget web hosting company which has developed into the industry leader to provide web hosting solutions for individuals and small businesses. Right now, IXWebHosting hosted over 500,000 domains in its data center.

In IXWebHosting, you will see both Linux and Windows web hosting solutions which are backed by 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Compared with the other web hosting companies, IXWebHosting is well-known for providing free dedicated IP, huge disk space, huge bandwidth, and free domains lifetime. All those have make it a great choice from individuals and small business. And dedicated IP will also help on SEO.

IXWebHosting Review on Price Value: ★★★★★

The price value of IXWebHosting is excellent!

Its shared hosting starts at $3.95/mo, and includes one free dedicated IP, one free domain, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email address, host unlimited website in one account, and more.

There is no other web host who offers free dedicated IP in a hosting package with a price lower than $4/mo.

All IXWebHosting plans support CGI-BIN, Perl 5, CGI-scripts, PHP 4 and PHP 5 scripting, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Webalizer and ModLogan statistics, WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), and more. People could use it to easily setup a WordPress site or other PHP-based applications.

IXWebhosting guarantees 30 days full money back guarantee. Its customers could ask for a full refund with the first 30 days. Besides, IXWebhosting also allows its customers to receive a prorated refund after the first 30 days, which is really a risk-free deal for webmasters.

Now, IXWebohsting is offering 72% off its shared hosting plan. To claim for this deal, you need to follow this special promotion link, after which the final price would be $1.95/mo only.

IXWebHosting Review on Reliability: ★★★★½

ixwebhosting review on reliabilityIXWebHosting promises 99.9% uptime. This is very rare from budget web hosting service provider.

The datacenter of IXWebhosting is fully owned by the company, and is designed with fault-tolerant systems to ensure a fast loading time. Their data centers are featured with Cisco smart router, redundant power and UPS, SONET reliability and more.

IXWebHosting Review on Ease-of-use:★★★★☆

IXWebHosting provides an easy to use icon-based control panel – H-Sphere. You will be able to perform your maintenance just by some simple clicks. And learn curve is short since the name of icon has told you their functionality.

IXWebHosting Review on Customer Support:★★★★½

You will get response from IXWebHosting within 1 hour when you submit a support ticket, this is almost the fast response you can get from all web hosting companies. If they fail to respond within that time, they’ll calculate a partial refund of that month’s fees based on how long they made you wait. But besides submitting a query ticket you can leverage the more convenience support method they provided: 24/7 toll-free telephone and live web chat support.

Do We Recommend IXWebHosting?

IXWebhosting is strongly recommended for individuals and small business to build personal blog, corporate site or forum. With free dedicated IP included, IXWebhosting customers could get better result in SEO.

To know more about IXWebHosting, please visit now, and don’t forget to claim for its 72% off, and get a web hosting with free dedicated IP from $1.95/mo only.

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