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Best WordPress Hosting

Best WordPress Host

WordPress is the world best blogging tool, with which people could easily find thousands of plugins and themes to make beautiful and unique blogs. And WordPress now is powering 22% of all web sites.

Best WordPress Hosting below are web hosts who offer high price value WordPress hosting solutions with proven records on uptime, server performance and customer feedback.

Why They are the Best WordPress Hosting

Bluehost, Inmotion Hosting, and Arvixe are named as Best WordPress Hosting in 2014 for various reasons. First of all, their solutions are 100% Compatible with WordPress. Besides this, WordPress friendly features below make them even more outstanding:

  • 64MB or higher PHP memory_limit
  • suPHP and mod_rewrite are deployed by default
  • Premium web servers and state-of-art data centers make their solutions are far more faster and reliable than their competitors.
  • WordPress-friendly customer support. It cannot be even better that your web hosts could answer WordPress related hosting questions.

Best WordPress Hosting for Individuals and Small Business – Bluehost

Bluehost offers one of the world best Linux hosting solutions. Its web servers are well-optimized for PHP&MySQL applications, such as WordPress, Joomla, and more. According to our test, WordPress page loading speed from Bluehost is far better than industry normal server speed.

The customer support from Bluehost is also very WordPress-friendly. It has developed a series of WordPress tutorials from online documents to Youtube videos to help their customers learn how to maintain WordPress site easily. Most of its engineers have very good knowledge on WordPress, who could offer support to their customers on WordPress related hosting issues.

Now, with special Bluehost $3.95 promotion, Bluehost customers could receive a 50% off, which make its price low to $3.95/month only. And what’s more, their customers could request money back at anytime if they decide to cancel the account, which definitely put their money in safe when working with Bluehost.

Bluehost is highly recommended for personal sites or small business sites.

Best WordPress Hosting for Business – InmotionHosting

InmotionHosting is one of the best business hosting service provider, they have been offering web hosting services for all-sizes of business since they started the business in 2001. Their hosting solution is 100% compatible with WordPress. And according to the tests we have done, WordPress page loading speed of InmotionHosting beat the results from all their competitors.

Inmotionhosting offer shared web hosting, VPS and Dedicated server. As a business owner, by working with Inmotion hosting, you could progressively upgrade the web server base on the growth of your business without facing all the issues in changing a web host.

Now, InmotionHosting is promoting their service at 30% off, after which people could subscribe to their business class hosting with $4.89/mo only, a cost even individuals could afford.

Best Cheap WordPress Hosting – Arvixe

Arvixe provides one of the best cheap WordPress hosting solution in the industry. As one of the Top 10 Web Hosting in this year, Arvixe hosting solutions includes rich features to support WordPress well.

Arvixe use state-of-art Softlayer datacenter, Dell powerful web server, fast RAID-10 storage.Its customer support engineers are skilled and professional, with who you could ask any WordPress related question.

Arvixe now is promoting their web hosting service with 30% off now by using coupon code ‘CLUE30‘, after which, their hosting solution is $2.8/mo only. It’s really hard to find a web host who could offers better price value than it.

WordPress Hosting Guide

According to what WordPress official site said, the minimal hosting requirements for WordPress are only “PHP version 5.2.4+” and “MySQL version 5.0+”. There are hundreds of thousands of web hosting solutions in the market which could meet these basic requirements, but WordPress only works best when it’s in a rich hosting environment.

To find the best web hosting for WordPress, besides looking at some generic web hosting features, you should pay special attention to bellow items which are highly related to WordPress.

Operation System

Even though PHP & MySQL run well in Microsoft Windows&IIS serverLinux & Apache is still the best platform for a WordPress site, which have been proven to be the faster and more reliable than Window when hosting php&MSQL websites. Even better, Linux is opensource and free. Using Linux will definitely help save some when building WordPress sites.

Apache Configuration

The most important Apache module for WordPress is mod_rewrite, with which you could configure a search engine friendly post URL and have a good start for your WordPress blog.

Server features like PHP run as suPHP is strongly recommend, which could ensure the other user won’t get access to your file in a shared hosting environment, hence the security of your WordPress will be increased.

PHP memory_limit

The value of PHP memory_limit will decide the maximum amount of memory that PHP script is allowed to allocate. For WordPress, it should be no lower than 16MB. But considering most of people share photos or videos online, ideally, you can get a WordPress server with a PHP memory_limit with at least 64MB.

If a WordPress site requires more than 128MB memory to run smoothly, then you should analyze why it needs so many. In most cases, it results from poorly written scripts.

WordPress Friendly Customer Support

A best WordPress hosting service provider should be able to answer questions related WordPress. Not all the web hosts in the industry are happy to work with WordPress bloggers on their app issues. So, finding a web host with good knowledge on WordPress would be really helpful.

1-Click WordPress Installation

1-Click WordPress installation is a great hosting feature for WordPress beginner. This is also bring a lot of convenience to an experienced WordPress bloggers.

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