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As the world’s most popular server-side scripting language, PHP is designed for web development and many other general-purpose programs. It is now installed on millions of websites, and almost all web hosting providers support PHP hosting.

In below Best PHP Hosting review, we introduce the web hosts who have solid records on offering top-notch web hosting solutions for PHP websites at an affordable price.

Why They Are Best PHP Hosting

There are a lot of web hosts offering high quality PHP hosting solutions, however, only some of them could offer rich features, prompted customer support, highly secured, and fast speed solutions at an affordable price. After reviewing hundreds of web hosts in the industry, we finally name Bluehost,Inmotionhosting, and Justhost as 2014 Best PHP Hosting service providers.

All of these 3 offer PHP-friendly hosting solutions like:

  • Multiple version of PHP, such as PHP 5.2, PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4, in their server;
  • PHP run as suPHP for better security;
  • High PHP memory_limit;
  • PHP Zend Optimizer;

And all of them have been in industry for at least 5 years with an experienced customer support team who know PHP well.

Bluehost – #1 Best PHP Hosting

Bluehost is the web company that specializes in providing customers with reliable and affordable Linux hosting services and products. As one of the Top 10 Web Hosting in the market, Bluehost now hosts millions of websites all over the world.

Its all-in-one PHP hosting solution contains almost all valuable features that customers need to build successful websites. For example: the latest MySQL and Apache, dual PHP versions, suPHP enabled, PHP memory_limit set up to 512MB, unlimited disk space and bandwidth and also many other features.

At Bluehost, since its servers are configured to use PHP Caching, maximize available server RAM, and reduce I/O requests, so customers will get the fastest PHP hosting service performance, and at least 99.9% uptime guarantee.

In addition to great features and performance, Bluehost PHP hosting also comes with affordable price. Going with the exclusive Bluehost 3.95 promotion link, customers are allowed to purchase the PHP service at only $3.95/mo, 500% off the regular price.

Meanwhile, Bluehost also offers Anytime Money Back Guarantee and 24×7 US based phone call, live chat and email supports. For any personal, PHP developer or small business, we recommend choosing Bluehost PHP hosting.

InmotionHosting – Best Business-class PHP Hosting

Founded in 2001, InmotionHosting has been offering a wide range of web hosting products on the business level. It is also famous for 100% customer satisfaction, and 90 days full money back guarantee.

Operated by web professionals, and this is also a main reason why InmotionHosting can set great and smooth platform and environment for PHP hosting. Its package includes 5.2x and 5.3x PHP versions, PHP caching, suPHP for increasing website security, and high PHP memory_limit value, etc.

In order to ensure customers the most reliable PHP hosting performance and 99.9% uptime, InmotionHosting uses the industry-leading datacenters, 100% Dell servers as well as exclusive technologies like Max Speed Zones to make the websites run up to 6x faster than competitors.

The regular price of InmotionHosting PHP hosting charges at $6.96/mo, now through this exclusive 50% off promotion link, customers can get 50% off to make the price starts from $3.49/mo. In addition to 24×7 supports, if they are still not satisfied with the service, they can request full money back within the first 90 days.

Justhost – the Cheapest PHP Hosting

Justhost has been focusing on providing the best cheap web hosting services since its establishment. Justhost keeps customers’ requirements in mind, so it puts all they need in one place to help make hosting and website easily.

Justhost PHP hosting is fully optimized, and includes rich and powerful features that customers can use to create great personal or small business websites. The solution offers unlimited space and transfer, free domain, the latest versions of MySQL, PHP 5, PostgreSQL database, enough amounts of PHP memory_limit, su PHP, etc.

With the backups of enhanced Linux operating system, customized Apache web servers, and data centers that are equipped with UPS power, diesel generator, multiple 10bit Ethernet connections, Justhost PHP hosting ensure at least 99.9% uptime.

More importantly, customers can get Justhost PHP hosting service at the cheapest price. With its promotional link, customers will be given more than 57% off, making the price low to at only $2.25/mo. Anytime Money Back Guarantee and 24/7 supports are also provided.

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