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Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting allows a client to lease the complete computer and has access to all its resources to host one or multiple websites.

And Best Dedicated Server Hosting below are web hosts who outperform their competitors on features, reliable, speed and customer support, and they could be great hosting solutions for your large high-traffic websites, complex web based applications, or web sites that require a higher degree of uptime and total control of the hosting environment.

Why They are the Best Dedicated Server Hosting

After reviewing hundreds of Dedicated Server hosting solutions in the industry, we finally decide to name Inmotion Hosting, 1and1, and Hostgator as the Best Dedicated Server Hosting in this year.

Best Managed Dedicated Server Hosting from InmotionHosting

InmotionHosting is the industry best business hosting service provider. All its dedicated servers are 100% Premium Dell™ Servers and hosted in World class data centers with 1000M bps internet connection to multiple Tier 1 Backbones.

Its dedicated server includes 2GB memory, 4000GB monthly transfer, 2*160GB disk space, 5 free dedicated server, and free cPanel. In terms of customer service, InmotionHosting offer True Comprehensive Support and promise to support all the standard tools available from cPanel, which include server configuration for all kinds of popular CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and etc. This is a TRUE managed dedicated server solution. InmotionHosting now is promoting its server with 50% off, the price will be low to $119.95/month.

Inmotion Hosting guarantees 99.9% uptime, 30 days money back and 2 Hour Hardware Replacement on its dedicated server.

Best Cheap Dedicated Hosting – 1and1

1and1 is one of the largest web hosting with over 11 million paid customers world wide. As a web hosting well-known for offering cheap hosting solution, 1and1 dedicated server will only charge you $59.99/month (monthly pay allowed) and offer you 2 Cores x 2.2 GHz, 2GB memory, 2 x 250 SATA and unlimited monthly transfer. The is really the cheapest dedicated server from top web hosts.

1and1 dedicated servers are cheap, but it doesn’t means it’s not good. According to our website monitoring system, the uptime of 1and1 is around 99.92% and the web page loading time is very fast, even for a complex Drupal site, it could be loaded within 1s or 2s.

The reason 1and1 could make such a low price is that they reduce the SLA of its dedicated service, such as its email support ticket waiting time is around 2 hours, or they don’t offer supports if you have server configuration issues. So, 1and1 dedicated server is good for those who know how to maintain web server by themselves, and for newbies, you should consider Inmotion Hosting or other Managed dedicated server solution.

Best Dedicated Hosting – Hostgator

Hostgator is one of the Top 10 web hosting in the industry. By leveraging world-class Softlayer datacenter, Hostgator is able to offer fast reliable full-managed dedicatd servers to all-sizes of businesses and top bloggers.

The basic dedicated server from Hostgator includes Intel Xeon E3-1220LV2 2.3GHz, 10 mbps Uplink, 4GB memory, 10TB monthly transfer, free cPanel and 5 dedicated IP. The price starts at $174/month, which looks a little bit higher than InmotionHosting and 1and1, but considering its brand, customer service and its state-of-art data centers. It still worth the price.

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